Les Potes A Pouf

The eponymous Pouf The eponymous Pouf

WELCOME to Les Potes a Pouf, the Dog Refuge at Lannemezan.

We are constantly looking for happy new forever homes for the dogs in our care. If you're looking for a dog to join your family, please browse our dogs to adopt pages. Contact us if you'd like to know more, or make arrangements to come to visit.

We always try to respond to a dog that has been neglected or abandoned that needs our help and protection. 

Les Potes a Pouf was established by Francoise Montaner to be a locally focused refuge for Lannemezan and surrounding areas. The refuge is named after a puppy called “Pouf” - one of the first dogs rescued by Francoise.  It is run by Francoise, with a team of volunteers including a small committee, cleaners, walkers and fosterers. The refuge is entirely financed by donations – from individuals and charitable foundations. It has no paid staff. 

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Association Lannemezanaise Protection Animale Siret: 529 778 862 00019

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